Image of the modern person is first of all a presentation of the outward status the health. Our work is unnoticeable for other people, but it is fully aimed at strengthening and stabilization of your further success and prosperity of your image in the modern world. We will help you to understand our approach to all spheres of modern dentistry from preservation of basis joint and bone, to reproduction of the tooth in the form and color. Team cooperation is a pledge of success of our work and your health. We sign the diagnosis and accomplishment, and we are responsible for our work.

All kinds of dental help:

•  Diagnostics of occlusion;

•  Professional hygiene;

•  Childrens dentistry with the usage of ozone;

•  Orthodontic treatment;

•  Orthodontic stomatology;

•  Endodontic root canal treatment;

•  Surgical dentistry;

•  Implantology;

•  Aesthetical restoration of teeth and denture;

•  Periodontal treatment.